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Reflexology Foot Massage with Hot Towel - Gua Sha Spa Cary NC

Helps: stiff calf, foot relaxation & reflexology, sciatica, frozen shoulder, stiff neck, balances blood pressure & blood sugar, stimulates reflex points in foot to help body heal itself. $52/30 min or $85/50 min.

Gua Sha Spa - Chair Massage Services

Helps: headaches, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, relief muscle pain & headaches, decrease stress, improve flexibility, increase circulation, lower blood pressure, improves sleep quality. $28/15 min or $58/30 min.

Recliner Massage - Gua Sha Spa Cary NC

For: face, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, and hands.
Helps: Tension & pain relief, relaxation. $28/15 min, $52/30 min, $85/50 min.

Holistic Table Massage2 - Gua Sha Spa Cary NC

For: Sports injuries, chronic & acute disease, pain & tension relief.
Technique choices: Tuina Pain Relief Massage, Deep tissue (Meridians) soothes knots – energizing massage, Relaxation tension & pain relief massage, Cupping massage, Hot stone massage (+ $10). Helps: relieve pain & muscle tension, increase circulation, soothe knots, release depression & anxiety, Enhances immune and nervous system, reduce blood pressure, improves mood. $85/60 min (Swedish massage), $95/60 min (Deep tissue), $135/90 min, $175/120 min.